Zeus the Stubborn Husky Whines Incessantly at His Human Until His Downstairs Water Bowl Is Filled

Zeus the extremely stubborn husky who never wants to get out of bed, doesn’t like to sit in the back of the car, prefers a bath over going outside and always wants to sit in front, saw that his downstairs water bowl was empty and decided to call attention to this glaring error. Zeus put his two front paws inside the empty bowl and began loudly and incessantly whining until somebody did something about it.

Zeus’ human firmly responded to her howling husky with a certain amount of logic and loving impatience, while Zeus’ confused canine sibling Kaden just tried to stay altogether out of the way.

As usual, Zeus is not shy about telling us what he wants. After several cries and howls, it was discovered that he drank all the water in the bowl and needed a refill. As his demands are being met, he’s not shy about expressing his dissatisfaction with his parents.

Zeus the Husky Whines for Water