Story War, A New Cartoon Based on the Storytelling Party Game

Back in March we wrote about Story War, a combative storytelling party game made by Brad O’Farrell (creator of Keyboard Cat), Tom McLean (aka “frezned“), and illustrator Vondell Swain of Cantrip Games. At the time, they were raising funds on Kickstarter to bring the game to life. They have since surpassed their goal and fulfilled their stretch goal promise of making a cartoon based on the game, which recently went live on Cartoon Hangover. It was produced by Brad O’Farrell with consultation from Frederator Studios. Story War is currently available to purchase online from Amazon.

The Story War cartoon was inspired by the new wave of idiosyncratic cartoons designed for both kids and adults such as ‘Adventure Time,’ ‘Steven Universe,’ ‘Legend of Korra,’ and ‘Bee and PuppyCat.’

video via Cartoon Hangover

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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