Stephen Colbert Answers 11 Questions From Reddit

Just after Thanksgiving, Stephen Colbert stepped out of character, fought off the post-turkey nods and SHOUTed responses to questions from members of the social news website He had promised the interview as a thank you to the community for supporting Donor’s Choose to the tune of $500K. See below for more details.

Note from the reddit admins: back in October, when reddit was helping raise money for DonorsChoose, Stephen Colbert (major reddit fan, BTW) provided us with an extra incentive: if we raised $500,000 before the rally, he would let reddit ask him anything. Well, you guys held up your end of the deal ($575,000 and counting, with the vast majority of donations coming from redditors). You asked some great questions. And now, we have answers to the top 11, as voted by you.

Stephen’s original response was in all-caps, due to being composed on a special iPad app while he was presumably curled up on the couch in a post-turkey coma. If you want to see that rough cut, it’s available here. Otherwise, what follows is a slight reformatting.