A 1994 ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Pizza Hut Commercial on British TV Spoken Completely in Klingon

In 1994 Pizza Hut UK aired the very first non-English advert on British television stations. The scene featured three Klingons from Star Trek: The Next Generation who only spoke in their native language. Luckily a compassionate employee was able to help them without words.

Pizza Hut has produced the first completely non- English advertisement to be screened on British television: in the Star Trek language of Klingon …The firm was helped by Paramount Studios, which produces the TV series and also devised a Klingon dictionary and a book on speaking Klingon.

While this may seem like a parody, in 1995 Pizza Hut UK put out another Star Trek themed advert, albeit this one appears to be from the original series.

A Star Trek (The Original Series) Pizza Hut promotion from 1995 (I think) and shown only in Britain (I don’t think the US even got the promotion for some reason).

via Boing Boing