Runner Turns Two Metal Pylons in a Los Angeles City Park Into ‘Star Trek’ Holodeck Control Panels

Holodeck 9 Los Angeles

While in running in North Hollywood Park in Los Angeles, Arthur Edward Chadwick caught sight of two metal pylons that were calling out for some kind of adornment. So, he enlisted the help of Dangling Carrot Creative to create decorative vinyl stickers that would transform these plain metal boxes into Holodeck control panels from a Federation Starship on Star Trek. Chadwick refers to his work as “Holodeck 9”.

Everyday i run past these pylons. so i fixed them. #Holodeck9

This clever park art has caught the attention of several runners and visitors who find it to be as amusing.

“Computer: End Program – Pandemic Apocalypse 2020” didn’t work.

via Super Punch