Stanley Tucci Demonstrates How to Make a Negroni

While staying at home, the multi-talented actor, director and mixologist Stanley Tucci quite graciously offered to make his wife Felicity Blunt a Negroni cocktail. While preparing said cocktail, Tucci knowledgeably explained how much ice to put in the shaker, the necessary amount of gin (or vodka with a “lacing of gin”) to use, the quality and amount of sweet vermouth needed along with the “made in Milan” Campari.

Once the mixture was in the shaker, Tucci shared his opinion as to the need for ice in the drink, the glass in which to serve it, and the final squeeze of a convenient slice of orange. Tucci deadpanned that they buy their oranges that way.

Now you’ll wanna garnish it with a slice of orange – a pre-slice of orange. This is actually how we buy are oranges…that’s not true at all. They come from Florida this way. It’s incredible.