Wonderfully Disturbing Squishy Human Flesh Costumes

British textile artist Daisy Collingridge creates wonderfully disturbing oversized squishy human flesh costumes that bounce and jiggle with every movement. Each costume has a name that goes with the oversized breasts, buttocks, and stomachs with flopping skin as a comment on body issues. There’s Burt, Lippy, Hillary, Clive, Dave and Nigella, each of who have a very distinct personality.

Collingridge spoke about her creations interview with Dazed Digital.

Burt and the family are impulsive creations…They are reflective of the human form with elements of fantasy. They neither promote or demote one body type. The idea there is an ‘ideal body’ is ridiculous. We are all so different, my work is more about the ‘ideal’ way to inhabit a body. To be joyous. They bring me joy to create and I hope that is reflected.


via Colossal