Determined Squirrels Figure Out How to Navigate a Difficult Obstacle Course After Several Failed Attempts

Squirrel Navigates Obstacle Course

In an adorable clip from the PBS special A Squirrel’s Guide to Success, some very determined little squirrels logically figure out how to navigate a difficult obstacle course after making several valiant but failed attempts at reaching the waiting hazelnuts on the other side.

With each failed attempt, however, the squirrels learned something new and applied that knowledge during the next go-round, until a pattern was constructed. In other words, the squirrels innately knew that they had to become friends with failure in order to achieve success.

The squirrels have figured out an incredible solution. They take one step on the reds and two steps to steady themselves on the blue. So they go one one two, one one two, one one two, using speed and agility to overcome the cognitive problem driven on by their desire for nuts.