Friendly Squirrel Jumps Onto Unsuspecting UPS Driver in the Doorway While He Was Delivering a Package

Squirrel Jumps UPS Driver Delivery

While making a delivery to the Chicago home of Amanda Atkins, an unsuspecting UPS driver named Oscar Luciano was happily dancing in place when a friendly squirrel popped out from the side the porch and jumped onto his shoulder, then onto his back. The little Sciuridae then popped up above the driver’s head before jumping down onto the porch itself.

The UPS man was making a delivery in Chicago when a squirrel jumped on his shoulder and head. Man remained calmed and laughed and the squirrel jumped off and went on his way. The delivery driver proceeded with his delivery.

The next day, per CBS Chicago, Atkins shared the video with the driver who found the whole thing amusing.

That driver, Oscar Luciano. also happened to bring another package the next day when Amanda showed him the video he agreed to let her post it on Facebook. Amanda says with all the negativity in the world, she wanted to show how positive one person can be.