A Worker at Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia Captures Magnificent Footage of the Elusive Spirit Bear

While working in the Great Bear Rainforest in central British Columbia, a self-described explorer captured absolutely magnificent footage of the often elusive Spirit Bear (Kermode bear) after sitting on a log waiting for over four hours.

So last summer, I got a job in the Great Bear Rainforest, this huge place which is home to the Spirit Bear. I spent 3 months working up there, in one of the most beautiful and pristine places I´ve ever been, not touched by human hand. After several weeks of spending every day sitting on a log, for hours, sometimes under the pouring rain of the rainforest hoping to see this spirit of the forest, it finally happened. In the middle of the very green forest, this white beautiful bear appeared…

These white and cream-coated black bears are amongst the rarest animals in the world, with a large portion of their population residing in the British Columbian rainforest. Other visitors to the area have captured equally magnificent images of these beautiful bears.