Speedrunner Beats the Video Game ‘Super Mario World’ While Blindfolded in Just Over 23 Minutes

Speedrunner PangaeaPanga recently beat the classic video game Super Mario Word while blindfolded in just over 23 minutes. It’s worth noting that Panga is playing with a keyboard on an emulated version of the game that features a four-frame input delay–meaning that button presses don’t immediately translate to movement.

Started learning blindfolded strategies on June 16. Started full runs on June 20. Finished a full run today. This run features 3 deaths (but no game overs, thankfully), getting lost briefly in Starworld, baby Yoshi eating the goal tape, and entertaining spectators to keep the hype up for when I was too concentrated on the run. Also, there is an input display at the bottom left side of the video, so you can see exactly what buttons I’m pressing.

via Kotaku