Specifically British Animals That Never Made It Across the Atlantic

In her final episode of the web series Anglophenia, host Siobhan Thompson lists out the specifically British animals that heartily exist in the United Kingdom that weren’t able to make their way across the Atlantic Ocean and into the United States.

There are some adorable British creatures that are never seen in the States outside of zoos and exotic pet owners. (Note: some of these animals can be found in other countries, but not natively in America.) In the latest episode of our Anglophenia YouTube series, Siobhan Thompson puts on her David Attenborough hat and explores some of the friendly fauna you might spot on the U.K. countryside.

In regard to Thompson’s departure from the series, BBC America bid a fond farewell to the actress, but reassured the audience that the series would continue on.

We’d like to take a moment to thank the brilliant Siobhan Thompson for being the face and voice of our YouTube channel in its first year. She’s as lovely as she is talented. She’s California-bound, as stars so often are, but she’ll always be dear to our hearts. (And you can find her doing humorous recaps of BBC AMERICA’s Orphan Black for WNYC.) Rest assured, Anglopheniacs, we have many more episodes and surprises in store, so stay tuned.