SpaghettiOs Cupcakes With Velveeta Frosting & Goldfish Sprinkles


Becky McKay of the baking blog The Cereal Baker combined a can of SpaghettiOs with yellow cake mix to make some seriously offbeat cupcakes which also have an unusual frosting. She used a basic cream cheese frosting recipe but substituted Velveeta (a processed cheese product) for the cream cheese. She then sprinkled crushed-up Goldfish crackers on top (though she says, “Cheez-Its probably would have been better.”). She reports that the “SpaghettiOs remained intact and visible and were a mix of chewy and slightly crunchy. But the frosting, OH, the frosting — it was REALLY good. I was surprised with how well it turned out, both in the texture and the flavor.” The recipe is available at Foodbeast.

image via The Cereal Baker