Sound Engineer Who Wasn’t Paid by Band Remixes Their Hardcore Song Into an Electronic Dance Music Tune

When you are a musician, your highest priority, beyond making music, is to make sure that your engineer is paid up and on time. Just ask the band Altitudes what can happen. By foregoing their payment to their sound engineer Dan Atkinson, he remixed their hardcore song into a catchy Electronic Dance Music (EDM) tune.

Dan commenting on his YouTube video, stated:

“I recorded all the audio, filmed them at my studio, and then I decided to write a dance tune to the same tempo they recorded at. I merely took his vocals and slapped it on the dance track, then replaced the new audio to the video I had already edited. Best 30 mins I’ve ever spent.”

Also commenting on the YouTube video, the lead singer of Altitudes, Alexander Ruiz, stated that the band didn’t have the money.

Basically we just weren’t financially stable at the time but we WERE planning on paying him back.

Perhaps they should have mentioned that upfront.

via Music Feeds