Classic Rock and New Wave Songs Brilliantly Reimagined as Vintage Pulp Fiction Paperbacks

Graphic artist Todd Alcott has brilliantly reimagined classic rock and new wave songs as vintage pulp-fiction paperback books. Included in the songs he has adapted into this novel style are artists such as David Bowie (“Changes”), The Beatles (“Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”), The Clash (“I’m So Bored With the USA”), The Smiths (“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”), They Might Be Giants (“Everything Right is Wrong Again”), Prince (“When Doves Cry”), Nine Inch Nails (“The Downward Spiral”), R.E.M. (“Losing My Religion”), Elvis Costello (“Man Out of Time”) and Neil Young (“Needle and the Damage Done”).

Prints and cards of these wonderful designs are available for purchase through Alcott’s Etsy Shop.

via Open Culture