A Hilarious Look at a Canadian Family Desperate to Become Recognized Social Media Influencers

In a hilarious spoof by the CBC comedy series This Is That, the same troupe behind Artisanal Wood, a rather obnoxious couple with two teenage children brag about their money making abilities as “Social Media Influencers” and “Thought Leaders“, but upon closer inspection nothing holds up. Scenes are staged, situations are forced and no one talks to each other. Additionally, the family creates crazy situation that may be disruptive to their lives, but can instantly garner the recognition they so crave.

Last year, they made about $1.3 million through sponsored content and collectively have over seven million followers. AJ, the self-proclaimed “man of three accounts,” operates all of his channels under the umbrella of a personal brand that he calls Try. At the moment, he’s hoping to secure a strategic partnership with Starbucks.Brit and AJ are trying for a third child. AJ hopes that the pregnancy will bring “nine months of pretty solid content.”