So Chance, An Illustration Honoring Dogecoin and the “Doge” Internet Meme by Josh Ellingson

So Chance

So Chance” is a fantastic illustration by San Francisco artist Josh Ellingson that honors Dogecoin, a digital cryptocurrency featuring the “Doge” Internet meme Kabousa the Shiba Inu on its logo. Prints are available to purchase from Josh’s online store.

It’s currently worth a tiny fraction of the big dogs Bitcoin and Litecoin. Dogecoin quickly gained a following on reddit as the only digital money with a lovable personality attached to it. The growing Dogecoin community has raised money to help send athletes to the Olympics and provide pizza for homeless shelters. The future of Dogecoin and cryptocurrency itself is murky, but it’s interesting to see people rally around new technology when it’s dressed up as an adorable Shiba Inu.

image via Josh Ellingson

Justin Page
Justin Page

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