A Pair of Adorable Snail Sisters Play With Baby Carrots

A pair of surprisingly adorable nerite snail sisters named Randolph and Mortimer, named after the Duke characters in the 1983 film Trading Places, seemed to really enjoy the baby carrots that their human had given to them. At first, the sisters had no idea what to do with carrots, so they just played around, turned them over and over again. After a few days, however, both snails had finally gotten the hang of eating this big orange thing, though neither seemed to mind getting some help from the other. Which was a relief to said human.

Up until this point, I had offered them a few types of food that they were not interested in, but one day I offered this baby carrot to them and shortly after, found Randolph doing what you see in this video. I left the carrot in for about a week, during which time Randolph and Mortimer ate the whole thing. In this video, I don’t think she’s eating it, but simply playing. I have other videos of her eating where you can clearly see her moving her head and engaged in the activity of eating. This is just her having fun.