Mother Brown-Throated Sloth Lovingly Carries Her Baby as She Makes Her Way Across a Branch

In a departure from his incredible insect series, talented wildlife photographer David Weiller has captured absolutely heart-rending footage of a mother brown-throated, three-toed sloth in Costa Rica carrying her baby as she worked her way slowly across a branch. At one point, the little one poked a curious head out to see what mom was doing and then snuggled back into her greenish, mossy fur.

Sloth give birth to only one baby at a time (per year or less) and the newborn clings onto its mother’s fur for a few months after birth. Their slow-moving habits along with their greenish color is an effective camouflage. Their fur appears greenish not because of pigmentation but thanks to the symbiotic relationship between green algae and their long and coarse fur.

The two of them adorably shared a meal together as well.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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