Hilarious T-Shirts With Slightly Wrong Band Names, Logos and Songs To Annoy Your Pedantic Friends

Slightly Wrong Guns and Roses Sweet Child of Mine

The aptly named Slightly Wrong Quotes makes very subtly funny T-shirts that feature band names, logos, and songs that are just “slightly wrong”. Upon first glance, it’s hard to tell, but a closer look reveals, for example, both Guns N’ Roses and their song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” are not spelled correctly, that NIN should not stand for “Nine Inch Nines”, the name of the band blink 182 isn’t capitalized, and there’s a certain something lost when “outta” is replaced with “out of” in N.W.A‘s “Straight Outta Compton”.

T-shirts with slightly wrong quotes on them to annoy the pedants in your life. Pro-tip: Insist the quote is 100% correct.

Slightly Wrong Nine Inch Nines

Slightly Wrong Blink dash 182

Slightly Wrong Daft Funk

Slightly Wrong Straight Out of Compton

Slightly Wrong Wheatus

Slightly Wrong Snoop Doggy Dogg

The Truth Is Over There



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