Helmet Camera Captures Skier Going Into an Avalanche

While skiing Davis Gulch in the backcountry of Salt Lake City, outdoor athlete Steve Gourley descended down the mountain and right into an active avalanche that swept him away, as documented by his helmet camera. He appeared to handle the situation in a calm and controlled manner. He also made sure that his friends and rescuers would be able to see him.

 3 skiers approached gobblers south summit (10224) from the north. After reaching the summit, skier 1 skied the ridge to the west of davis gulch and radioed when they were in a good spot. Skier 2 entered davis gulch and skied 400 vert pulling out of the run to the north/east. Skier 3 watched skier 2 pull up and entered following the same line. 200 vert into the run, skier 3 caused a hard slab avalanche that shattered 50 meters below and over to the ridge west of davis gulch. Skier 2 shouted at skier 3 and then to skier 1. Skier 1 moved to a safer area. Skier 2 kept eyes on skier 3 and started to ski down the slope. Skier 3 was carried 650 vert reaching a speed of 27mph, losing a pole and needing to dig out one ski to be free from the debris. 

Gourley survived the avalanche and even added a lively soundtrack to his adventure.

via Miss Cellania

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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