San Francisco Skateboarders Open Up About Bombing the Famous Hills of Their Beloved City

“The Hill Bombers of San Franciso” by Wendi Jonassen for The New Yorker is a fascinating short film in which the skateboarders of San Francisco talk about the feeling they get when “bombing” the famous hills of their city. The skaters open up about their respective love of risk, the presence of mind they need when taking these risks, and the community they’ve developed around their love of skating.

Bombing is like going fast, feeling the wind, feeling, like, the board rumble on the asphalt,
just getting past that point of any return. You are giving yourself to the speed. If you stay on the tight rope and you’re tiptoeing it effectively, once you’re on the other side, you feel amazing. It’s like, holy shit, I just escaped that, that was beautiful.

via Kraftfuttermischwerk