Six Californias, An Initiative to Divide California Into Six New States

Six Californias is an initiative spearheaded by venture capitalist Tim Draper to divide California into six new states. According to the Six Californias website, dividing California into six smaller states would create “more local and more responsive government.” In Sacramento today Draper began the process of submitting signatures that have been collected in support of the campaign–if enough signatures are collected and verified (campaign supporters say they already have enough), the initiative will likely appear on the November 2016 ballot as a proposed amendment to the state constitution. To enact the plan, an act of Congress would also be required.

California needs a reboot. Our public schools have gone from the top in the nation to 47th. We are ranked 50th out of 50 for the worst business climate in the United States. We have high unemployment and the percentage of people living below the poverty line is steadily increasing. Our state needs a massive investment in infrastructure and a streamlined process to help grow and keep businesses. Our state needs our help.

Six Californias is our opportunity to solve the many problems we face today. Our opportunity to create a better future for all 38 million of us.

Six Californias means creating six smaller states with more local and more responsive government. Six states that are more representative and accountable. Six states that embrace innovation and strive to improve the lives of residents.

Six Californias

image via Six Californias

via The San Francisco Chronicle

E.D.W. Lynch
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