Simnuke Art Exhibit

Simnuke Project

The 2nd phase of The Simnuke Project (which began in the Nevada desert two weeks ago) takes place in the form of an art exhibit that opens this Thursday, July 28th at Rx Gallery in San Francisco.

The Simnuke Project commemorates and confronts the splitting of the atom using art that ranges the emotional gamut from fear to anger, satire, and above all, a simple wish for peace. The art of the Simnuke Art Exhibit is as diverse as San Francisco itself. The show, co-curated by Sasha Harris-Cronin and Max Carlson, comprises 20 artists from the United States and Japan: 5 of them invited and 15 of them selected from submitted artworks. The exhibit pieces will range from photography to kinetic sculpture, from humorous statements to deadly serious exposes. In addition, there will be an exhibit of government documents from the Prelinger Library tracing the history of the atomic era in public policy.

photo by Jon Alloway