A Sickly Cat Riddled With Mange Begins to Heal After Receiving a Loving Hug from a Caring Woman

On February 12, 2017, Elaine Seamans, animal lover and founder of At-Choo Treasures was visiting the Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles when she spotted a sickly, silent cat who was covered in feces and so riddled with the highly contagious sarcoptic mange that his eyes were stuck shut. Despite all of these things, Seamans picked up the terrified cat and hugged him close and let him know that it would all be okay because he was loved. The cat, who has since been given the name Valentino, responded to the embrace with a tiny meow.

When I saw him in medical at Baldwin park shelter he stole my heart. When he reached out for love and relaxed in my arms with his head resting on my shoulder with a tiniest meow, I feared he had just passed in my arms. …He had poo on him which is now on me and more than likely sarcoptic mange (contagious) that I’ll probably catch for the first time. How could I not cuddle him and kiss his thick skin with missing fur and eyes that can’t open? I’m so happy!

Seamans contacted the wonderful rescue organization “Leave No Paws Behind“, who gladly took in Valentino to give him the care he needed for a second chance at life. He started eating, meowing and most importantly, healing almost immediately after being reassured by Seamans’ loving embrace. While there have been some ups and downs with his recovery, so far Valentino’s long-term chances are looking good.