Shoot A Bottle Rocket at Chicken John as He Sings Come Sail Away


photo by Greg Peverill-Conti

In an effort to raise funds for his trip to Slovenia for Swimming Cities of Serenissima , Chicken John is offering people the chance to shoot a bottle rockets at him as he takes the stage in a sailor suit to sing “Come Sail Away” by Styx during the Art of Bleeding performance on Saturday that is part of How to Destroy the Universe Part 6 at NIMBY.

He has 400 bottle rockets that he’s selling for $10 each. Now’s your chance to get even.

Buy a bottle rocket. Or a few. Buy one for your friend, who I threw out of the bar that time. Buy one for that girl that I stood up. Buy one for Jim Mason. Actually, buy a dozen for ol Jimmy. Make me jump. Put welts on my arms. Catch whats left of my hair on fire. Hurt me. Make me sorry. For $10, youve never had it so easy…


photo by Neil Berrret

More info on Facebook and Chicken’s blog.