A Brilliant Animation About a Man Who Confronts His Fears by Literally Learning to Live With Them

In the brilliant animation “Shock Therapy” by The Bat Collective, a very nervous man named Jim decided he had enough of being debilitated by his fears and decided to confront them head on by literally living with them. For the first week or so, Jim was a jumpy mess, but as time went on Jim found himself growing more comfortable with each of his fears and even asserting himself at times. Unfortunately for Jim, the date for which he had overcome yet another phobia, wasn’t so pleased to see every single one of Jim’s fears fully on display.

Jim is afraid of everything. In order to face his fears, Jim will bring everything he is afraid of into his house. It doesn’t quite work out as expected….

via Short of the Week

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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