Soft Huggable Brightly Colored Shark Plushies

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California designer Lorien Stern who’s known for her whimsical style in ceramics, accessories and clothing, has released a fun series of soft huggable plushie sharks in vibrant colors that are sure to appeal to children, adults and maybe even an ichthyologist or two. Stern’s sharks and other items are available for purchase through her online shop.

Ive spent the passed year designing these super soft cuddly sharks in 5 different colors! This is a lifelong dream come true ?I’m so exited to share these guys with you ?

A post shared by Lorien Stern (@lorienstern) on

A post shared by Lorien Stern (@lorienstern) on

Red Shark


Yellow Shark

Splash Blue Shark

Black Shark

Backside Sharks

images via Lorien Stern

via So Super Awesome

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