Gorgeous Black and White High Definition Compilation Timelapse of Storm Clouds Rolling Across the Plains

Stormchasing filmmaker Mike Olbinski (previously) has put together a gorgeous compilation timelapse of stormcloud footage that he previously captured rolling across the US plains in black and white 4K and 8K footage.

The scenes in this film have appeared before, and I cannot wait to get out and get some new stuff to share down the road. It may be two years of collecting footage again before I create something new, so I had to put something out now to tide me over until then and also to fire me up for storm season!

The compilation is entitled “Shadows in the Sky”, named after the first line in the Eric Kinney/Danica Dora song “The Last Goodbye”. The song also provides a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to the amazing footage.

Sometimes it takes you months to find the correct song for your next project and other times you find it in about three minutes. When I heard The Last Goodbye, the haunting melody and gorgeous vocals, not to mention the cinematic feel leading to a pulse-pounding finale, I knew instantly I wanted to use this for a black and white film.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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