SFZero: The Sweet Cheat Gone

SFZero: The Sweet Cheat Gone

SFZero, a project of the nonprofit organization Playtime Anti-Boredom Society, is city-wide series of unique and challenging games played by network of five groups, whose players have created and completed an impressive range of tasks over the last couple of years. In order to play you’ll need to sign-up for SFZero, where you can create a player and choose a group. Also if you want to help keep SFZero going strong, consider making a donation.

SFZero: An interface for San Francisco. That is to say, a new representation for the data that’s already there. Your mind is full of /inaccurate/ representations that are affecting the way you use the San Francisco dataflow: steering you away from interaction and collaboration and towards unproductive reflexive data loops (forNext). SFZero designers are working double-shifts to engineer this next-generation interface that will bring you together with your cohabitants to experience the freedom that is /hard-coded/ into San Francisco’s protocol.

On February 10th, SFZero presents the free street game The Sweet Cheat Gone.

“An investigation of guilt and innocence played out across the streets of San Francisco.

You are a prosecutor, a private eye, a witness, collecting evidence, not knowing who you can trust, betraying your friends (enemies) to build your case.

Pursue a thread of desire that takes you to imaginary crime scenes beneath the skyline.”

The event begins at 7 pm, lasts between two and five hours, and concludes with a party. Participants will take sides in the prosecution of a defendant accused of committing a crime. During the event participants will travel in teams to various San Francisco locations, competing with each other to collect or destroy evidence and prove their case. Participants must travel by foot, bike and/or public transportation. No cars or taxis are allowed.

Participants should arrive promptly at Steuart and Market at 7 pm on February 10th and bring comfortable shoes and water.

The event is free and open to all. Players must RSVP at thesweetcheatgone.com.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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