Senior Cat Hugs Her Adoptive Human at First Meeting

Photographer Brittany Weatherby shared her wonderful story about adopting a beautiful senior tabby cat named MK who hugged her when they first met.

When I had one of the people come out and open the cage for her she immediately came into my arms immediately clinging her claws to me and holding me and rubbing her face against me

MK had a hard time of it. A kind person found her wandering in a very busy area and brought her to the first of what would be several shelters. MK had a variety of (treatable) conditions from being outside and she was quarantined due to her inability to get along with other cats.

She was left behind and found as a stray on the street and someone collected her because she was in a dangerous Highway area based off of what they tell me and he went through quite a few shelters. She was in really bad shape …she was in a cage because she didn’t get along with the other cats.

Despite these challenges, Brittany and MK connected immediately.

I still remember walking into the senior/ adult cats section of the shelter and looking into the cages where they kept the cats that didn’t get along with others. I remember gently locking eyes with MK and immediately knowing she’s the one for me… we’ve been inseparable since.

Cat Hugs Human
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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