Selfie, An App for Face-to-Face Video Conversations

Selfie App Selfie App

Selfie is an app for face-to-face video conversations. The app allows users to record videos of up to 24 seconds, and respond to videos sent by others to create larger conversations. Conversations can be public or private, and can include a single other person or multiple people. Each video plays when touched. Selfie is currently available on iOS.

The human face is still the most sophisticated communications technology we’ve got, and yet we remain connected to the wider world through things like texts and status updates. We’re settling for incomplete relationships without even knowing it. Selfie aims to reintroduce the world to itself, this time as real people.

Both TechCrunch and The Verge have posted extensive articles about Selfie, its founders, and the app’s core features.

Selfie App Selfie App

Full disclosure: Laughing Squid founder Scott Beale is an advisor to

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