Security Cam Catches Cat Sneaking Around Top of Kitchen Cabinets & Jumping Down Into Chicken Dinner on Center Island

Jeremy Husted has a Canary security camera setup in his kitchen that recently caught one of his cats sneaking around the top of the cabinets then suddenly jumping down to the center island right into the chicken he was about to put into the oven. Husted was then faced with the decision to go ahead with making the meal or not. As the video was going viral, he addressed some of comments on reddit:

This sort of blew up after I got home from work. The comments are hilarious; they seem to be divided into three areas: This was staged, Did you eat the dinner and/or the cat, and You are involved in some sort of New Yorker communist conspiracy. Truly, exactly the sort of gold I surf Reddit for anyways. My response:

No, it was not staged, my cats routinely hang out above the kitchen cabinets to avoid the dog, though this is the first time they’ve assaulted my food. Yes, my wife and I ate the delicious chicken dinner, kitty litter and all. I hope the heat (and cat saliva as the comments have informed me) killed off the germs. Finally, The New Yorker is still the best literary magazine in circulation today. I only read the fiction, but whatever. Go read it. Thanks Reddit, you made my day!

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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