Sea Otters Play an Adorable Game of Water Basketball

Three orphaned sea otters named Juno, Lincoln and Sushi, who live at the Oregon Zoo, played an adorable game of water basketball. This is a part of daily enrichment exercises that keep them creatively moving. The little mammals seemed to have a lot of fun as they performed some fancy slam dunks into their custom-made hoop. Plus, the game works very well with their natural instincts.

Enrichment sessions like these are fun for Juno, Lincoln and Sushi and “clam dunks” can help stave of stiffness and arthritis as they age. …The movements mimic a natural behavior called a “spy hop,” in which wild sea otters will rise straight up out of the ocean to survey their surroundings above the waves. 

While Juno is particularly practiced at making every shot, Sushi and Lincoln are a bit newer to the game.


Ottermatic All-Stars! ? Sea otters Lincoln and Sushi have joined Juno at the basketball hoop. Training and enrichment like this is fun for the otters, keeps them active and strengthens bonds with care staff. Clam dunk! #otter #basketball #animals #sports

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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