Scoville – Remember, Share and Discover Places You Love


Scoville is a new web service that uses Foursquare checkins to help you remember, share and discover places you love. Then every Tuesday you can share the best places you’ve been to on #toptuesday and then more places will be recommended based on your #toptuesday selections. Here are my #toptuesday picks for this week.

Scoville started with a simple idea. Every Tuesday we’d share with our friends the best places we’d been to in the past week. Only awesome places had to be shared. And that’s how every Tuesday we’d get a list of awesome places from our friends and plan to visit some of them in the coming days or over the week-end.

We’re building the most awesome discovery platform. Every Tuesday we’ll feed you with awesome places worth checking out, with personalized recommendations based on the places you’ve loved and those your friends have recently loved.

via Nick Douglas