Canadian Scout Makes 3D Printed Ear Guards That Relieve the Pain of Wearing Surgical Masks All Day

Canadian Boy Scout 3D Printed Ear Guards

Quinn Callander, a 12 year old Canada Scout who lives in Maple Ridge, BC, wanted to give back to his community during these uncertain times, so he answered the local’s hospital’s call to create “ear guards” for surgical masks. This ingenious item attaches to the ear loops of masks to give more of a custom fit, which then relieves the ear pressure and pain for healthcare workers who are wearing the masks all day. Callander got busy with his 3D printer and has donated dozens of these guards so far.

Nurse With Ear Guard

Callendar’s project used a pattern uploaded by Ken Lord, which lead to a great number of downloads.

Thank you to Quinn Callander, age 12, a Scout from Maple Ridge BC for creating so much attention with his viral Facebook post! thanks to Quinn’s efforts, and the pure luck that they linked to this thingiverse page in their post, this file has been downloaded 41,600 times. …So seek out your local health care providers, ask if this would help them, and get your printers going! This is a great way to contribute where you aren’t having to compete with others for the same sheet plastic / transparency supplies to make face shields.

3D Printing Ear Guards

Ear Guards Ready for Donation

Making Ear Guards

Strap Remix

Surgical Mask Remix

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