Scientist Proves the Earth Is Round Using Two Sticks and an Orange While Bicycling a Saskatchewan Road

How I Proved the Earth is Round (with my Bike and Two Sticks)

Scientist and science vlogger Kurtis Baute set out to prove that the Earth is round with a simple, yet strenuous experiment using two sticks, an orange and a long straight bicycle ride along a very flat road between Regina and Stoughton in Saskatchewan, Canada. Baute also set up sundials at each location, putting an even finer point on his results with some help from Casey at the Saskatchewan Science Center.

When I got to Stoughton, I set up a sundial that was 100 centimeters high and I measured the shadow of the sundial at a specific time the shadow was sixty six point one centimeters long … Casey in Regina was taking another measurement on an identical sundial his measurement was three point nine centimeters longer. He measured a shadow of 70.0 centimeters and that means that the earth is a sphere.

via Adam Savage