Scented Candles That Appear to Cry When Lit

The Jacks Crying Candles

The Jacks is a line of very cleverly designed scented candles that look like they’re crying when lit inside their decorative bases. The current offerings are black or white skull bases with brain-shaped candles, rabbit bases with accompanying ears and deers with antlers.

According to the founders, the project came about accidentally.

One of our sculpting member’s hobby is to make useless things with 3D printer. One day he realized that he had no ashtray so he created a skull looking ashtray for his cigarettes, and Sophie lit a candle in it.And then an idea came up…We thought it was fun to depict a dripping of wax as a tear flowing from the skull. By adding diverse product lines we have created our first The Jacks candle series.

The Jacks

Skelton Candle

Rabbit Candle



Candle gif

Skull Candle gif

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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