Scarf-A-Day: A New Scarf Every Day In January

Considering how cold it’s been lately, it’s probably a great time for the Scarf-A-Day Project by Meredith Scheff. Throughout January, Meredith plans to make a new and unique scarf every day. If her North Skirt project is any indication, we’ll probably see some oddly functional soft circuits mixed in with other interesting designs. Her Scarf-A-Day project has already reached its full funding on Kickstarter (but there are still time left to support her more) and she’s been awarded an Awesome Grant too. Meredith will be blogging her Scarf-A-Day progress on

For a recent taste of some of her scarf wizardy, check out these pics I took of her Croc-o-dile Scarf:


flat croc

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