A Tiny Artificial Island Off the Coast of Colombia That’s Four Times as Dense as Manhattan

Santa Cruz del Islote is a tiny artificial within the Archipelago of San Bernardo , that sits two hours off the coast of Colombia. This 200 meter island is home to 1,200 residents, most of whom who are descended from the original settlers, making it four times as dense as the island of Manhattan. Great Big Story visited Santa Cruz del Islote and learned from the local people that they don’t mind the crowded spaces at all.

A hundred and fifty years ago the island was primarily uninhabited and was sometimes used by local fishermen as a place to rest and take shelter during storms. Gradually some fishermen came to build their homes here these were the grandparents and great-grandparents of the current generation of residents despite the close living quarters inhabitants on the island say they wouldn’t give up their peaceful existence for anything not even a little
more room.