A Silly Pair of Socks That Make It Look Like You Are Wearing Socks With Sandals

Silly Sock Sandals

Online novelty retailer LaughMart is selling silly Sandal Socks, amusing footwear that looks like strappy sandals are being worn over the socks. It’s an unusual look, to say the least, but fun to wear nonetheless.

Mock the biggest fashion no-no of all time and clown around in these super ugly Sock Sandals. Talk about a 2 for 1! Meet the Silly Sock Sandals. No need to rub your eyes, seeing is believing. Now for the first time socks and sandals have joined forces and have melded into one. Imagine the smiles you’ll receive as you sport the silliest socks known to mankind.

Now you can look cool like Footy Scent and Hush Puppy, without the hassle of actual sandals.

via Sad and Useless