Sanctuary Surprises a Sweet Rescued Cougar With Presents for His 16th Birthday

In March 2016, a very sweet rescued cougar named Max was given a surprise party for his 16th birthday by his loving caregivers at the Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Minnesota. Max had arrived to the sanctuary in very bad condition, but has been recovering well. The sanctuary always accepts donations, however if a donation is made before April 30, 2016, it will be doubled (up to $38,500).

Max is certainly one of the sweetest cougars we’ve ever rescued! When we found out he was turning 16, we wanted to mark the occasion with a fun day for him. Max arrived with many medical issues. His owner had declawed him, so he suffers from arthritis. He also had a previous broken femur that had been plated, as well as broken and missing teeth. You can also see he came to us with an overgroomed tail. These are all things our veterinarian is keeping a close watch on and treating to assure his golden years are spent in comfort.