San Jose, California Councilman Proudly Holds a Captain America Shield While Taking Oath of Office

On January 26, 2017, Lan Diep, a longtime comic book fan, proudly donned his beloved Captain America shield while taking the oath of office as San Jose, California Councilman. The shield was a far departure from the Bible that’s usually held during the ceremony, but Diep explained why it was so important to him in an interview with NBC Bay Area

I think Captain America represents…embodies the ideals of America. And those are the kind of things I’m hoping to strive for: Equal justice, fair play, and, democracy. …I think it’s a symbol of what’s positive…in this darkened political landscape. …I wasn’t trying to protest the president, but it’s a reminder of what America aspires to be. …In that way, realizing that this is the landscape I’m stepping into, I wanted to shine a ray of optimism and levity.

Diep also had a bit of geeky fun with Brian Lisi of the New York Daily News

Thanks Chip Beale!