San Francisco Might Try to Shut Down Pillow Fight & Other Events

San Francisco Pillow Fight 2007

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the City of San Francisco may want to crack down on Pillow Fight and other similar urban prank events. The article, which erroneously refers to these events as “flash mobs”, cites the city’s reasons as damage and clean-up. This may be the case with Pillow Fight which creates a huge mess, but as far as I know rotting flesh from a Zombie invasion is biodegradable.

Of course none of this is new. The Santacon Santas were kicked out of San Francisco in 1995 only to return years later. The Urban Iditarod, Bernal Heights Hill Soapbox Derby and Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race have had problems as well in recent years.

One thing I would like to point out to Seth Rosenfeld who wrote this article, he mentions Laughing Squid as one of the organizers of these events. Of course that is not the case, we are only reporting them the same way as other blogs would or even a newspaper like the San Francisco Chronicle. Seth did not contact us when writing this article or else we would have made a point of clarifying this for him. Fact checking is a lost art.

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