Samuraiguitarist Showcases the Most Difficult Trick He Knows How to Do on Guitar

The very talented musician Steve Onotera aka samuraiguitarist quite modestly demonstrated the most difficult thing he can do on guitar. With this trick, Onotera showed how he was able to accurately strum his guitar on the first beat of the first bar at 120 bpm and then accurately strum on the right beat after a long 16 bar rest.

Not being the most technically proficient player I’ll never wow an audience with jaw-dropping chops like Steve Vai. I can’t do the percussive tapping acoustic thing like Andy Mckee and i don’t have the ingenuity of someone like Hendrix. Unfortunately I don’t have a go-to guitar piece or technique purely for the sake of melting faces, however today I’m going to show you the most difficult thing I’m capable of doing on the instrument