Ryan Reynolds Promotes New Snapchat Series About Learning New Things With a Humorous Vertical Video

Actor Ryan Reynolds has accomplished a great many things. This includes starring in iconic Marvel movies, making gin, feuding with co-star Hugh Jackman, raising money, and directing and starring in commercials. Despite all this, however, he still finds that he doesn’t know all that much. In order to remedy this lack of knowledge, he has a new series on Snapchat entitled Ryan Doesn’t Know.

The series will feature Reynolds speaking with talented artists and makers in order to learn what they do and how they do it and he’s decided to promote the series with a humorous vertical video.

Hello there. I’m Ryan Reynolds and you could fill a gymnasium with things that I don’t know, like doing a show for Snapchat. …So in the hopes of becoming a less boring husband and father, I’m meeting up with talented new artists to learn a little about a lot of new things.

The first episode features Reynolds learning a little about ice sculpting (also filmed vertically.)

Join Ryan Reynolds as he attempts to connect with his inner Michelangelo under the guidance of professional ice sculptor, Shintaro Okamoto. Maniacal laughter, chainsaws, and distaste for pigeons ensue.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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