RVIP Lounge & Karaoke Cabaret at SXSW Interactive 2008

Jonathan, Kestrin & RVIP Lounge

RVIP Lougne

Thor Muller

Another highlight of SXSW Interactive 2008 was the RVIP Lounge & Karaoke Cabaret, a non-stop mobile party organized by Jonathan Grubb and Kestrin Pantera, sponsored by Rubyred Labs and Dipity. The RVIP was parked at our 16 Bit party and it was omnipresent during the conference. People would randomly hop on for a ride around Austin, singing bad Karaoke, eating hot fudge sundaes and ending up at destinations unknown.

Tony Pierce has a great write-up on the RVIP in the LA Times Web Scout blog.

photo by Scott Beale