Royale De Luxe Giant Deep Sea Diver Visits Nantes Searching For His Lost Niece

Casque en l'air XI

Départ Saint André

rue Barillerie

photos by misterstf

Socyberty has a great write-up on Royale De Luxe returning to Nantes, France for Estuaire 2009 with a giant man in a diving suit searching for his niece in their installation “La Géante du Titanic et le Scaphandrie” (“The Titanic Giantess and the Underwater Worker”). misterstf has some are more photos of the installation.

Nantes, the home town of Jules Verne, is situated in western France. Here, near the river Loire a giant deep-sea diver sleeps gently, waiting for his task to begin. Sadness marks his face even as he sleeps. He has been searching the world over for his missing niece and although he may not know it, the end of his search is coming. The diver or scaphandrier as he is known in French will be paraded through the streets of this historic city at the beginning of the Estuary 2009 arts festival. The biannual festival gives the French mechanical marionette street theater company Royale de Luxe the opportunity to unveil their latest creation.

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