The Wonderfully Adorable Round Backsides That Form Whenever Violet Chinchillas Sit Down

When an absolutely adorable violet chinchilla named Beau sat down on all fours, his human Cameron Holmes of Cameron’s Chinchillas noticed how his backside formed a near-perfectly round shape. Holmes then recreated the same photo with some of the other chinchillas in his care, noting that it has to do with the fur of this particular breed. It’s important to note, that Holmes is raising these animals for show and as pets, but definitely not for fashion.

am a small-scale breeder of show quality, pedigree chinchillas and member of the National Chinchilla Society, located in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. I specalise in breeding show quality Sullivan violet chinchillas with the aim of improving and developing this beautiful mutation. In addition to this I breed several violet blends which include ultra violets and pearls. I regularly have chinchillas available for rehoming to loving pet homes