A Profound Visual Composition That Imagines Rotting Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers as Breathing Lungs

While at home due to the quarantine, French color artist Thomas Blanchard (previously) thought about what the Coronavirus does to the body. He then created a wonderfully profound visual composition that imagines fresh and rotting produce, flowers, and melting frozen novelties as pairs of lungs visibly breathing in and out.

After the announcement of Coronavirus containment following the COVID 19 pandemic which concerns us all, I decided to create a project on breathing. COVID 19 is a disease that, in the worst case, infects the lungs. Thinking about this situation i wanted to work on the current context and I created an analogy between the lungs (which symbolize breathing) and the rotting fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ice domes.

In between the patterns of respiration, the same items produce was used to recreate classic video games, symbolizing the forced downtime and the need for indoor entertainment.

Coronavirus containment deprives us of many activities. We stay at home and take care as best we can. The video games of the 70s/80s were a hobby during the health containment and I had to put them. I reinterpreted Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Pac Mac, Space invaders, and Breakout with timelapses.

The soundtrack by Alexis Dehimi of Mars Octobre Music also plays an extremely important role in the theme of the video.

Music time is based on the average heartbeat that a human has when he runs out of air and the lack of oxygen creates an emergency in the whole body. Human beings have a vital need for oxygen. Oxygen largely offered by plants and the oceans…

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips